GastroPan 2019 - assessment

The 11th edition of GastroPan exhibition took place in March, 28-30th 2019, in the city of Arad, in Romania, at Expo Arad exhibition center. As Arad is close to the border, this edition of the exhibition brought together not only more international suppliers, exhibitors of the trade fair, but also more visitors from abroad.

The organizers of the GastroPan 2019 International Exhibition would like to thank all exhibitors, visitors, specialists, professional associations, organizers and partners for their contribution to the successful unfolding of the most important professional event dedicated to the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa market!

Together - exhibitors, visitors, specialists, professional associations, organizers and partners - we have managed to give new impulse to business, to create new trends and to ensure the competitiveness of the sector.

 Thanks to:

  • 20,926 visitors out of which 92% specialists and entrepreneurs activating in the target areas
  • 133 exhibitors from 22 countries - suppliers of equipment, ingredients, solutions and technologies dedicated to businesses of the sector
  • 108 competitors who have put new trends on the market through the GastroPan Competitions
  • 8 professional associations from Romania and abroad who supported the professionalism of the event
  • 16 chefs, master pastry chefs and bakers who held LIVE culinary and baking demo-shows
  • 18 media partners who promoted industry innovations among entrepreneurs and consumers

Bakery, pastry, gastronomy and hospitality trends highlighted at GastroPan 2019

  • Enhanced flavor and more technology (bakery lines, automation, robotics, digitalization, multifunctional machines and equipment, solutions for workforce problems)
  • Ice-cream prepared in front of consumers
  • Gastronomy: smaller portions, higher nutritional value
  • Bakery? Restaurant? Or both? – HoReCa, bakery and pastry sectors are intersecting


World-class suppliers from all over the world gathered at GastroPan in order to exhibit and present their products and technologies to professionals activating on the Romanian market.

  • Bakery-pastry-milling, pizza, pasta, snack: baking equipment and machinery; compact dough baking and processing lines and machines; all kinds of professional ovens; furniture, fittings; packaging; ingredients; IT solutions for bakeries, mills; etc.
  • Confectionery: furniture, machinery, equipment, utensils and accessories for pastry shops; large variety of ingredients, flavors, premixes, fillings, marzipan etc.; freezers, blast chillers; professional packaging solutions; IT solutions for pastry shops; materials for cake decorating etc.
  • Ice-cream: equipment, consumable for the gelato industry; ice-cream makers; flavors, toppings, variegato and other ingredients for ice-cream making; ice making machines etc.
  • Hospitality: furniture and various equipment for the hospitality industry; professional refrigerators, refrigerated showcases, shock freezers; professional hoods; special tea from all around the world; innovative solutions for hotels, restaurants, fast foods, which will reduce costs; frozen products, gourmet products, etc.
  • Coffee: coffee making machines; special and rare coffee products; ingredients for the coffee industry etc.



Companies offering solutions and technologies for businesses in the bakery, pastry, confectionery and hospitality industry can book exhibition spaces for GastroPan 2020 by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address. More information about how to become an exhibitor at the trade fair can be asked for on the following telephone number: +40-733-313 042.


More than 20 million consumers live in Romania and there are more than 20,000 active, bakery-pastry and HoReCa businesses here. With a 7% economic growth in 2017 the country has set a record in this respect. Moreover, the European Union has approved a € 43 billion funding for the country for 2014-2020. Romania is one of the most dynamically developing countries in Europe.

The Romanian market shows a growing tendency in many business sectors, so it has become an attraction for world-wide suppliers. One of the fastest-growing sectors is the bakery-pastry and HoReCa industry in all regions of Romania, especially in the Western and Central regions. A large number of new bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants and other catering units have opened up here seeking modern technologies and innovative ingredients. Already existing businesses also seek new and professional solutions for business development.

GastroPan International Specialized Trade Fair for the Bakery, Confectionery and HoReCa industries provides a unique opportunity to meet for those who run bakeries, confectioneries, pizzerias, restaurants, hotels, catering companies and other hospitality units, as well as Romanian and international suppliers, as it is a professional B2B event where demand meets supply. In addition, foreign companies have the opportunity to enter the Romanian market, meet personally with local business operators, get to know their needs and the market potential. For foreign suppliers seeking a new market, wanting to develop and expand their businesses, the Romanian market offers promising business opportunities and GastroPan exhibition is the ideal gateway to enter the market



The greatest specialists of bakeries, confectioneries and restaurants entered Romania’s biggest competition, which identifies and promotes art and professionalism in this industry. The GastroPan Competitions are divided into 3 main competition sections: BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY and GASTRONOMY.



In the BAKERY-PASTRY section, as in previous years, both artisans and industrial bakeries had the chance to win the Bread of the Year 2019 trophy in two different categories according to the produced quantity and the methods of manufacturing - artisan or industrial.  The bread with 10 types of flour and 10 kinds of seeds, made by GNF Bakery from Constanţa, won the Artisan Bread of the Year 2019 on Friday, March 29th. At the same competition, Bocskor Bakery from Harghita won the Industrial Bread of the Year 2019, with a yeast-free rye bread, with potatoes.

In addition to the two Breads of the Year 2019, the most innovative bread and pastry products as well as the most impressive artistic pieces made from bread dough were awarded. This year, an Innovative Bread of the Year prize was awarded to Takó Zoltán from Hungary's Pedró bakery for his artisan bread called "The Bag of Fortune."

The best industrial bread is made without yeast and contains potatoes and rye

The potato-rye bread without yeast made by Bocskor István from Bocskor Bakery was the best industrial bread according to the specialized jury made up of specialists, members of professional associations and master bakers from Romania and abroad. A special leaven, natural ingredients, and pre-fermentation times are the main secrets that ensure the taste, structure and consistency of this bread.

The Artisan Bread of the Year has 10 types of seeds and flour

The Artisan Bread of the Year 2019 was won by the representative of GNF Bakery, Geambazu Domnica, for a special bread with 10 types of flour and 10 kinds of seeds, named ”10-10 bread with teff flour”. The bread is made from a mixture of 10 kinds of nutritious flour and contains a wide range of seeds that contribute to healthy diet: flax, pumpkin, poppy, sesame, cumin, quinoa, hemp, sunflower, chia, psyllium. The theme of the category was Tradition and Challenges in the 21st Century.

Pastry products for Millennials

In this category, competitors had the task of presenting a pastry product that they consider to be vendible to the generation of young urban adults. The best pastry product turned out to be the one filled with spinach, garlic and chicken breast made by Tarr György from Brutaria Pedró, Hungary.

Art made of Bread Dough

The most impressive artistic pieces made of bakery dough were awarded too. This year’s theme was ”Eternity was born in the village”. The winner of the category was Tarr György from Pedró Bakery, with the artistic creation inspired by the Christian faith.


Winners of the Pastry-Bakery Section

Artisan Bread of the Year 2019

I: Geambazu Domnica – GNF Bakery Products, Constanța


II: Bocskor István – Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin


III: Diamantis Papapanagis – Rawoil Import srl, Mărăcineni



Special Prize: Beldiman Samson Giorgian (Adriana Bolgiu SNC, Urlați), Gál Rozália (Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin), Geambazu Nicolae Florin (Megasimitis, Constanța)


Industrial Bread of the Year 2019

I: Bocskor István – Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin


II: Roșu Gabriela – Vel Pitar, București


III: Chioreani Florin – Ardelean Adrian Company, Lugoj


Special Prize: Bârsan Csaba – Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin


I: Tarr György – Pedró Bakery, Sokorópátka, Hungary


II: Bârsan Csaba – Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin


III: Anca Mihaela Matei – Matei Anca Mihaela II


Special Prize: Geambazu Domnica – GNF Bakery Products, Constanța

Artistic Piece made of Bread Dough

I: Tarr György – Pedró Bakey, Sokorópátka, Hungary


II: Geambazu Nicolae Florin – Megasimitis, Constanța



In the CONFECTIONERY section of the contests, many confectioners, artists and cake decorators competed.

Cake of the Year 2019

To win the Cake of the Year 2019 trophy, competitors were challenged to develop a sugar-free cake. The best sugar-free cake called Love Story was created by Geambazu Domnica and has oat, stevia, quinoa BIO milk, flaxseed and natural maca powder as well as pomegranate mousse, cheese, chocolate, carrot and celery. This year there was an international award too that went to Ciobaniuc Vasilica. Her cake called Nasa Cake contains chlorella and spirulina.


Cake of the Year 2019: Geambazu Domnica – GNF Bakery Products, Constanța


Cake of the Year 2019 – international: Ciobaniuc Vasilica – Megasimitis, Constanța


II: Chitu Vasile – Confiden Travel, Pitești


III: Șerbu Camelia Irina


Special prize for innovation: Ștefan Alexandru – Moncris Srl


A special award for innovation was given to Mr. Ștefan Alexandru from Moncris Srl. At his cake, called Bios Cake, he used biocellulose, and the use of biocellulose in food is a first in Romania. The Bronze Sponsor of GastroPan 2019 Contests, Puratos Prod, gave the winner of the special prize a two-day chocolate seminar in Belgium at Puratos Prod.



The beauty of Provence in sugar paste

In this category competitors presented an artistic piece made exclusively of sugar paste. All shapes and decorations used were made of sugar paste, respecting the theme. The theme of the sugar paste category was the ”Beauty of Provence seen by the pastry chef”.

The most beautiful artistic piece made of sugar paste was inspired by lavender fields, sunflower fields, windmills - typical of Provence. The piece was made by Velniceriu Ionela from Megasimitis, Constanţa.


I – international: Velniceriu Ionela – Megasimitis, Constanța


I: Nistor Cristina – Belpan, Suceava


II: Solovastru Radu Călin – Deliciile Kronstadt, Brașov


II: Mihut Flavia


III: Egyed Nora


 III: Orosz Krisztina


The most beautiful chocolate piece is a sculpture called "Calling of the Sea"

In this category all shapes and decors were made of chocolate. The most beautiful chocolate piece was made by Nistor Cristina from Belpan Srl, Suceava.


The next edition of GastroPan is scheduled for the spring of 2020.

For more information visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +40-733-313 042