Sponsoring GastroPan Competitions

How Suppliers support the Bread and Cake of the Year Competitions

GastroPan Competitions are known among Romanian specialists as the place where next year’s trends are set. International and Romanian experts make up the jury who will evaluate the best products and artistic pieces made by Romanian specialists. The Bread of the Year 2019 and The Cake of the Year 2019 trophies will be handed.
The organizers of GastroPan and GastroPan Competitions offer suppliers of the bakery, confectionery, gastronomy and hospitality industries the opportunity to become partners of the three competition sections. Potential sponsors can choose one of the four sponsorship packages thus benefiting from multiple advantages such as excellent promotion among contestants, jury, visitors and exhibitors.

Sponsors of the GastroPan Contests will have the possibility to contact directly contestants – specialists representing confectioneries, bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants all across Romania – and give them samples of products, promotional catalogues, business cards and discount vouchers. Moreover, promotional packages for sponsors include (depending on the chosen package) access to spots for discussion, audio ads during the exhibition, access to databases or creating special prizes named after the sponsor.